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Vintage Red Blazer

April 27, 2018



Spring is here! Am I serving 90’s vibes yet?

The 90’s style has def come back this year, This blazer is actually my Mother’s from circa 1994. She was actually going to throw it away and I asked if I can have it. Lucky I did, it’s in perfect condition!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been working on something really exciting!!! It’s defiantly something that I’ve always wanted to do and now I’m happy that I’m taking steps towards it getting done!

I will be revealed VERY soon, Stay tuned!



Wearing Aliexpress Glasses, Vintage Blazer, Boohoo Dress, River Island Belt.


Faux Shearling Coat

February 22, 2018


The actual struggle it was to take these photos man, British weather will never be your friend, trust me! But anyway, the shearling coat has to be one of my favourites to rock at winter, it’s a timeless piece and I don’t see it ever going out of style.

Off topic but, I watched Black Panther last week and I absolutely LOVED it! Seeing it again this week.


Wearing Amazon Glasses, ASOS Coat, Mum’s Turtle Neck, Primark Jeans and ASOS Chelsea Boots.

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Grey On Grey

February 10, 2018


Quick Disclaimer! *This blog post was suppose to be up yesterday (Friday) but my internet connection failed me here it is today! SMH*

First of all, Happy New Year?

So the big question is where have I been? Well after 10 months of opening and running my graphic design business, things have been going great, yes there have been ups and downs but overall it’s been a really good experience and life is all about learning and growing at the end of the day. But for the longest I’ve always wanted to expand it beyond graphic design though, to clothing more specifically. I mean, I’ve always had a love for style, wanted to be a fashion designer or work in the fashion industry doing some type of design. Learnt how to sew and took up textiles in school and learnt about the technical side of garment making. Seeing as I have a blog associated with said topic and have design experience, why not?

So My goal for 2018 is to expand my business and grow my blog even further.

Start small, work your way up!


Wearing Aliexpress Glasses, ASOS Coat, ASOS Jumper, Primark Jeans and Converse Low Tops.


Camo Jacket

May 19, 2017


Happy Friday! Excuse my lack of updates, I’ve been working on getting my business of the ground, and boy it’s no walk in the park! But I’m happier that I’ve ever been. Knowing that I own something and have my own creative vision on how I want my brand to look. Even if everything doesn’t work out, I at least tried on my terms. I mean, there is no harm in trying right? 🙂


Wearing Topshop Camo Jacket, Primark Top, Vintage Belt (Thanks Mum!), Jacqueline de Yong Skirt & Public Desire Boots


Grey Matter

May 3, 2017


Grey is one of the best neutral colours that works with any outfit really. It’s a staple colour and I think everyone should at least own something of it in their wardrobe. Also the weather here in the U.K. is grey by default and it’s been a bit cloudy for spring, which is no surprise, meh! Also I have officially started my graphic design business! Eightfold Studios is officially open for business and I couldn’t be more excited!! It’s taken a long time to get here but I’m seriously so happy and optimistic about it. If you really want something in life, just go and get it!! who’s stopping you other than yourself?


Wearing Amazon Clear Glasses, H&M Jumper, Primark Jeans and New Look Trainers.

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Oversized Sweater

April 3, 2017



Excuse my lack of updates on here, but I’ve been super busy for the past weeks. As I’ve mentioned on my Instagram post I’m in the process of starting my own business. For the longest, It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do so why not? Time waits for no one tbh!

I’ve worked both and graphic design internships and corporate jobs and learnt and gain so much from those experiences but at the same time, deep down, I knew being my own boss was the way for me. I know that setting up a business is never easy and there is a lot that goes into it (especially a graphic design business!) but you just have to work hard, stay humble, make connections and create your own opportunities.

@Eightfold Studios will be launching soon! Please stay tuned!


Wearing Amazon Clear Glasses, Primark Jumper, Primark Jeans and ASOS Slip-On’s.