A Blog Remodel

August 8, 2015


I thought long and hard before I made this blog post and it feels a little weird because I haven’t done it in so long. As you can tell there have been a few major changes been made, but first… let’s address the elephant in the room. Why haven’t I been posting on here? Why has it taken me 5 months to make a blog post? Well the main reason was because of my university studies. I couldn’t find the time to do my work AND run this blog at the same time, and trust me I really did try! The amount of focus and discipline that is needed in order to complete a visual communication/graphic design course is no joke, getting my final major project finished and completed was my main priority. But now since I’ve finished I can focus on this blog more.

Like I said before I’ve made some changes (as you can tell). Even though I did like the name “Visions Of Style”, I wanted something that reflected me and my journey. I literally spent days brainstorming until I finally came up with the name “Parkes & Memoirs”. It’s pretty self-expanatary and a bit genius if I might add… well I think so anyways. It’s just a short way of saying “Hi I’m Rosa Louise Parkes and these are my stories of style, travel, food etc…”. Also made changes to the layout with help from the lovely Eve from Mango Blogs she really helped me bring my vision for the blog to life. If you are ever looking for beautiful blog layouts, I highly recommend.

With all that aside, I want to take this seriously and build a strong brand, showing different aspects of my life from style to food in a different, unique way. Offer more aesthetically pleasing photography and content and yes, to stay consistent with my posting. This is a new chapter in my life, so from here on out, let the journey begin.

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