Double Denim

October 12, 2015




“Denim has always been an everyday symbol for style.”
– Ritu Kumar


Some really hate the denim on denim look, some say it reminds them of “darker” times in fashion aka the 80’s… Yeah, sure they had the bad but they had the good too! Or the fact that there are actually rules on how you should wear it (it’s that serious) I think it really shouldn’t be taken THAT seriously. I mean fashion is meant to be played and exprimented with, right?

Yes, it IS a adventurous look, but with the right tones and the right colours it can be done. I don’t wear the denim on denim look often, but when I do I have to make sure the top and bottom at least match (I think I just broke one of the rules? *shrugs*) Because let’s be honest, it can borderline from looking really good to being a big no-no. Lucky for me, it worked out! *thumbs up!*

Denim Shirt: River Island / Jeans: Primark / Shoes: ASOS



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