Keep It Simple

October 6, 2015


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
– Leonardo da Vinci


So there I was looking though my wardrobe deciding on what to wear, scratching my head and spending more time than I should be trying to get the right aesthetic together, then all of a sudden a light bulb when off in my head. “Why don’t I just keep it simple? Sometimes simple is good?!”.

You can never go wrong with being minimal, not only do I try to accomplish this in my fashion choices but also my approach to graphics, design, photography or even how “i try” to live my life. Simplicity is the key.

At times, it’s not about how over the top you can be with your fashion choices but how classic and refined you can make an outfit with just the basics. It’s about how you construct layers without it being too complex. To quote the great Denzel Washington in that one film American Gangster “The loudest in the room is the weakest in the room”. (Random reference, I know but it works with this post okay!?)

Sometimes all it really comes down to is a comfortable jumper, black jeans and some sturdy boots and you’re good to go.


Hat: H&M / Jumper: Topshop / Jeans: Primark / Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Photography: Susan Parkes
















  • Reply Kathrine Ottander October 12, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    AMAZING look! Love the sweater and the color!

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