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April 3, 2017



Excuse my lack of updates on here, but I’ve been super busy for the past weeks. As I’ve mentioned on my Instagram post I’m in the process of starting my own business. For the longest, It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do so why not? Time waits for no one tbh!

I’ve worked both and graphic design internships and corporate jobs and learnt and gain so much from those experiences but at the same time, deep down, I knew being my own boss was the way for me. I know that setting up a business is never easy and there is a lot that goes into it (especially a graphic design business!) but you just have to work hard, stay humble, make connections and create your own opportunities.

@Eightfold Studios will be launching soon! Please stay tuned!


Wearing Amazon Clear Glasses, Primark Jumper, Primark Jeans and ASOS Slip-On’s.

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