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February 10, 2018


Quick Disclaimer! *This blog post was suppose to be up yesterday (Friday) but my internet connection failed me here it is today! SMH*

First of all, Happy New Year?

So the big question is where have I been? Well after 10 months of opening and running my graphic design business, things have been going great, yes there have been ups and downs but overall it’s been a really good experience and life is all about learning and growing at the end of the day. But for the longest I’ve always wanted to expand it beyond graphic design though, to clothing more specifically. I mean, I’ve always had a love for style, wanted to be a fashion designer or work in the fashion industry doing some type of design. Learnt how to sew and took up textiles in school and learnt about the technical side of garment making. Seeing as I have a blog associated with said topic and have design experience, why not?

So My goal for 2018 is to expand my business and grow my blog even further.

Start small, work your way up!


Wearing Aliexpress Glasses, ASOS Coat, ASOS Jumper, Primark Jeans and Converse Low Tops.

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