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    January 13, 2017



    Im back! It’s a new year and definitely time for a new blog post. 2016, what an interesting year it was. There were the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows (and boy were they low) but though all of it I gained some very valuable life lessons. The universe is a teacher, and sometimes certain things happen to you for a reason. At the time it may seem difficult and you question why does it have to happen to you, but when you look back you realise why it did. Last year really did show what I need to do this year, it put a lot of things into perspective. I know that this will be the year of change, progress and growth and actually getting shit done. Both personally as well as business wise, there are a lot of things I’m working on at the moment and I’m really excited on where this new journey will take me. (Don’t worry I’ll keep you guys posted on that.)

    New year, new beginnings!


    Wearing ASOS Camel Coat, River Island Jumper Dress, D.I.Y. choker, and Public Desire boots.